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We provide a regular programme of seminars which are normally accredited for solicitors or barristers under their relevant "Continuing Professional Development" (CPD) schemes.

In this section, you will find the handout material for each seminar, related powerpoint slides and, in most cases, a sound recording of the talk itself which can be downloaded as a podcast.


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Orbis Education and Mental Capacity Training for Local Government Lawyers
19 September 2017 


Life, Liberty and Security - Public Law Seminar
7 September 2017 


1COR Annual Professional Discipline Seminar
7 June 2017 


Accountability in "Shipbreaking": The Hong Kong Convention 8 years on, what has changed and what does the future look like?
15 May 2017 


Brexit and Fundamental Rights
2 February 2017 


Two Separate Injuries but only one caused by the Defendant
17 November 2016 


Proximity, Perception and Victimhood: Recovery for Psychiatric Damage
11 November 2016 


Adam Smith and Martin Downs speak at screening of film on Radicalisation
2 November 2016 


Public Law Seminar - Inquests & Inquiries
2 November 2016 


Relocation applications; recent developments Pensions – The hottest topic in financial remedy
13 July 2016 


The Inquest Book Comes to Brighton
29 June 2016 


Secondary Victims of Clinical Negligence – Who Can Succeed?
26 May 2016 


Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Interpreting
12 May 2016 


International Family Law and Non-Hague Convention Cases
2 June 2015 


Montgomery A New Dawn for Consent in Clinical Negligence
30 April 2015 


Injunctions and Damages in Property Litigation
23 April 2015 


Nothing Else Will Do - Where Are We Now With Re B and BS
29 January 2015 


Article 15: Determining in which country to hold care proceedings
26 November 2014 


Quantum and Costs in a Spinal Injury Claim
11 September 2014 


Open Justice and its Enemies: Seeing Justice done in the Court of Protection
5 June 2014 


Transparency and Efficiency in the new single Family Court
3 June 2014 


A gilded cage is still a cage: Court of Protection Seminar
7 May 2014 


UKELA Environmental Debate
28 March 2014 


Same Sex Marriage Seminar
27 March 2014 


Regulatory Law Update
3 December 2013 


Quantum and Costs Issues in a Catastrophic Injury Claim: Manchester
21 November 2013 


Beliefs and Conscience in a Secular Society: Are Courts getting Religious Rights right?
14 November 2013 


Petrodel v Prest Seminar
24 July 2013 


Breakfast Briefing: Religion and Article 9
10 July 2013 


Quantum and Costs Issues in a Catastrophic Injury Claim:
3 July 2013 


Inheritance and Post Separation Income and Bonuses
27 June 2013 


AvMa Clinical Negligence Conference 2013
21 June 2013 


Breakfast Briefing: Prisons and Parole
13 June 2013 


Foray into Family Law and Policing
22 May 2013 


The Francis Report: What does it mean
9 April 2013 


Developments in Private Law Seminar
26 March 2013 


Seminar celebrating the launch of "The Regulation of Healthcare Professionals: Law, Principle and Process”
4 December 2012 


Holding the State to Account: Public Inquiries and Inquests Seminar
8 November 2012 


Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Mock Trial Seminar
17 October 2012 


Dignity, Death and Deprivation of Liberty: Human Rights in the Court of Protection
10 October 2012 


Free Speech at Work Seminar and Mock Trial
27 June 2012 


UK Human Rights Blog Seminar
25 April 2012 


Jones v Kernott - Where is the certainty in a world of imputed intention
2 February 2012 


Family Law: Shaping New Case-Law into Highly Developed Advice for Clients
1 February 2012 


Family Law 2012
26 January 2012 


Family Justice? – The Family Justice Review &The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill
23 November 2011 


The Road to Adoption
14 July 2011 


Healthcare Regulation "Question Time" Seminar
30 June 2011 


Human Rights and Clinical Negligence
19 May 2011 


Family Justice Review Forum
5 May 2011 

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