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To search, enter a word or phrase to search for in the search boxes, and click 'Search'. A list of matching entries will be shown.

The search form allows you be very specific about what you are searching for. There are four boxes you can enter words into, to find entries:

with all the words
Example 'cat dog': Will only show entries containing both the word cat and the word dog. The words can appear anywhere in the entry, and do not need to be together.

with the exact phrase
Example: 'garden chair': Will only show entries containing the words garden and chair. The words must appear next to each other in an entry for it to be shown. Entries containing the words, but in different orders will not match.

with any of the words
Example: 'river boat': Will show entries which contain river, and entries which contain boat (and any entries which happen to contain both words)

without the words
Example: 'Abraham': Will show entries which do not contain the word 'Abraham'. This is most useful in conjunction with the other boxes:
Example: 'Abraham' in 'without the words' and 'Lincoln' in 'with all the words': This will find entries matching Lincoln, but without entries which contain Abraham. (This might help focus in on entries about Lincoln cars, even if the desired entries don't contain the word 'car')

As seen above, you can enter words in more than one of the boxes and a time, to restrict matches to entries which satisfy all the criteria.


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