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The ban on foxhunting in Scottish legislation is not incompatible with Article 8 or Article 1 Protocol 1 of the Convention, either alone or in conjunction with Article 14

Aschan v Finland

The loss of exclusive fishing rights by landowners amounted to a "control" not a deprivation under Article 1 Protocol 1 and was justified by availability of compensation


Without establishing a legitimate expectation to continuing levels of compensation, the claimants could not argue that they had an existing "possession" under Article 1 Protocol 1.


The claimants were entitled to continued injunctions restricting publication of covertly obtained information about treatment of laboratory animals

Paslawski v Poland

The obligation imposed on landowners to allow hunting on their land could amount to an interference with their Article 1 Protocol 1 rights

Posti and Rahko v Finland

The lack of avenues open to professional fishermen to challenge government-imposed fishing restrictions could breach their right of access to court under Article 6

R (on the application of K and AC Jackson and Son) v DEFRA

Admin Court breaks with tradition by hearing oral evidence in judicial review proceedings

Secretary of State for the Home Office v British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and The Information Commissioner

[2008] EWHC 892 (QB) (Eady J)

For information to qualify as exempt from the Freedom of Information Act it did not have to be “given in confidence”; the notion of private information had expanded under Article 8 and 10 of the Convention and therefore Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, prohibiting the disclosure of a wide class of information, did not breach the right to information.


The prohibitions on harassment imposed by legislation and common law constituted a justifiable restriciton on animal rights activists' interests under Articles 10 and 11.

VGT Verein v Switzerland

A commercial broadcast by a pressure group was a form of political expression that should be protected against censorship under Article 10


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